A Letter to Partners
About Nude Recreation
Dear Interested One! 

Although I have never met you, I am taking the liberty of writing to you because I understand that you or your partner have become interested in social family nudism. 

You are probably a little apprehensive about giving nude or clothes-free recreation a try.  Don't feel alone, we were all newcomers once. 

Everybody's first experience of social nudity is unique.  Most people enjoy telling about their experiences.  Looking back they wonder why they were so concerned.  I will use our own experience for an example. 

Back in the '70s we came across some magazines called Sunshine and Health which pictured nudism as a fun, healthy, and family oriented recreation.  Our interest was piqued.  Some trustworthy square dance friends told us they had visited a clothes-free resort.  We asked many questions and decided to take their advice and visit a clothes-free park.

We made arrangements to go for a weekend of camping with our trailer and then the uneasy, nervous and scary feelings began creeping into our minds. 

Ed's concern was that seeing all those nude bodies would be a sexual experience.  After all, our society has raised us to believe that the only time you are nude is when you take a bath or have sex. 

My concern was my body wasn't living up to the cultural media image of what a woman is supposed to look like-tall, thin, blond and large breasted.  This is the result of ultra thin models being used to sell everything from cigarettes to automobiles. 

I, too, was concerned that it would be a place where men would stare or "come on" to me.  We discussed all our fears and concerns, but we still wanted to find out about the clothes-free lifestyle our friends enjoyed so much. 

So we discussed our options.  We could go just for the day or a few hours instead of a weekend, or not go at all.  We could go, but not remove our clothes until we were comfortable, and we could change our minds at anytime and leave. 

When we looked at the options we decided to give it a try. 

When we were met by the welcoming committee and escorted to our campsite, I noticed children, teens and adults all playing games, competing in sports, swimming relaxing and having fun-all nude.  I saw people doing chores around their campsites and gardens, or washing and waxing their automobiles-again, all nude. 

When we arrived at our campsite, the young family eating at the picnic table in the adjacent campsite all greeted us with a friendly "hello" as we got out of our car.  Everyone who passed by also offered warm greetings and friendly smiles. 

Not wanting to be noticed as a "first timer," I decided to remove all my clothes right there at our picnic table.  Ed remarked, "It didn't take you long," and followed my lead. 

We decided to take a stroll and check out the beautiful grounds.  We did not get very far before another friendly couple introduced themselves and invited us for a cup of coffee.  By that time I did not even realize they, or we, were without our clothes.  I was "hooked." 

All day Ed and I kept asking ourselves, "Are nudists voyeurs or exhibitionists?"  By the end of the day, we realized nudists aren't either, they are just people enjoying the relaxed feeling of being clothes-free with no cumbersome clothes or bathing suits.

The clothes-free environment is not a sexual environment.  In fact any behavior which is not appropriate to any clothed social gathering is not tolerated in the nudist environment.  We found nudists to be genuine, warm and accepting people; totally lacking all the pretensions that come from the barriers we call clothes.  We found their true personalities.  For instance, I noticed more eye contact, a sign of real acceptance between nude people, having conversations, that I never noticed between clothed individuals.  I loved it!   To tell you the truth, the most difficult part of our entire visit was forcing ourselves to get dressed when it was time to leave at the end of the weekend. 

Nudists are the men, women and children you see every day at your favorite shopping mall, school, college, fast food restaurant or house of worship (including members of the clergy).  They represent every race, religion, ethnic group, occupation, profession and political belief. 

They are held together by the belief that being nude, in an appropriate setting, just feels good and is relaxing. 

They have also discovered the total acceptance of their own bodies; that there are no ugly bodies or "perfect" bodies; and that everyone's body, including their own, is okay. 

This relieves an enormous amount of stress which you will not believe until you have tried it yourself.

The clothes-free lifestyle is a great way to raise children.  They do not have to rely on pornography magazines to find out the differences in the male and female anatomy.  They can observe the differences in anatomies, as well as growth changes in the young, and aging changes in the elderly.  Some have surgery scars or disabilities of many types and this is accepted as part of living and are no big deal to kids growing up in the clothes-free environment.  But we aren't crazy either-we put clothes on when it is cold, or wet or the sun is hot, or the bugs are out.  We want to be comfortable.  We dress or undress for the conditions.  We aren't different from other people, we are just more comfortable. 

Well, I have to stop now and get on with my chores.  I hope I've been able to help a little. 

Tell your partner it may be easier for you to try a clothes-free relaxation at home first, or maybe a clothing optional beach or cruise. 

I'm glad I become a nudist, because I've experienced a sense of freedom I've never known. 

I hope I have the privilege of meeting you someday at one of the more that 225 American Association for Nude Recreation clubs and resorts throughout the United States and Canada. 


Billie Carlson


P.O. Box 4763
Hayward, Ca.  94540-4763
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